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All I Want for Christmas are Style and Comfort

on December 18, 2016

Last Christmas my tips for wearing stylish and comfortable shoes were featured in the Caribbean Wellness & Lifestyle magazine. These tips are absolutely timeless so I saw no harm in posting the article on my blog during the 2016 Christmas season. Scroll down to enjoy or click on the link https://issuu.com/melwitter/docs/online_cwl_holiday_issue_2015 and go to pages 30 and 31 for that “glossy” feel. 

It is fair to say that your attire is incomplete without stylish shoes; after all, high heels can transform us into vixens. We glamourous and confident while wearing sexy foot wear but are hesitant to admit that some of these stylish items cause us discomfort. It is for this reason that we often hear, “Beauty comes with pain.”

General Practitioner at Hargreaves Memorial Hospital in Mandeville, Jamaica Dr Azzard Comrie warns that bad footwear choices can do a lot more harm than good. He posits, “I know ladies like to look their best especially for special occasions, however they should be cautious when purchasing some shoes. Bad footwear choices can lead to a myriad of problems such as bunions, poor posture, injury to pelvis area and poor alignment of toes and arthritis.” He continued, “Some people even find it painful to walk without shoes as a result of wearing heels too often.”

Don’t let your stilettos steal the joy out of your holiday events. Instead of grimacing, let’s aim to be jolly and comfortable in the spirit of the season. Here are some dos and don’ts for wearing footwear:

  • Opt for shoes that are close to the shape of your feet. While pointy shoes are hot, they may not be the best option.
  • Wear shoes that allow your toes to move freely. If your toes are too restricted then you may experience some pain and fatigue.
  • platform
  • Your shoes must have arch supports. These are needed to prevent flattening of the foot. Lack of arch support can lead to your feet rolling inward.
  • Stilettos give our calves toned appearances and lifts our backsides (I can picture the smiles on men’s faces). These pieces of art should however be worn in moderation. Understand your body’s limitations and do not wear heels over four inches high for long periods (no more than two hours) especially if you have to be standing or walking a lot. red
  • Avoid shoes that are totally flat. Sure, there are so many pairs of cute flats on the shelves but if they don’t have cushioning and are very thin then they will fail to absorb the shock your feet feel when they are when hitting the ground.
  • Buy flip flops and sandals that have contoured arches that fit to the shape of your feet. The flat flimsy ones do nothing to support our feet.flats-support

Shoes may be a girl’s best friend but if we continue put sexiness before our wellbeing then we will soon realise that a true friendship must be mutually beneficial. While we are making fashion statements at dinners, parties and other festivities, let us bear in mind that like Christmas cake and sorrel, fashion and wellness are a match made in Heaven.


Basic Information: OSH Answers-http://www.ccohs.ca  and Are your shoes killing you? http://www.cnn.com


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