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Protect Our Children

on May 14, 2016
baby in crown

Awww so adorable! Photo courtesy of illawarramercury.com

Jamaicans observe the month of May as Child’s Month. It should be Child’s Month all year round, right? To echo this sentiment, I’ve written an article to celebrate our children.

Every country has members who belong to royalty. Most don’t wear crowns or designer branded clothes. Maybe one in a million of these persons live in gigantic castles or mansions. Many can’t even relate to the few who have access to the finest tutors and schools. Who are these members of royalty? In Jamaica and everywhere else we know them as children.

Children are royalty and ought to be treated as the princes and princesses that they are. Seeing them smile (even the smiles with few teeth missing) is absolutely priceless. Hearing them go from “goo goo ga ga” to performing well at Spelling Bee or as brand ambassadors singing in the school’s choir makes us gleam with pride. And isn’t it adorable when they find various means of self expression? The moments of joy and sheer innocence that they exude reminds us that they are indeed treasure.

We as royal subjects should know that the needs of Their Majesties are top priority. We live to serve and we understand the meaning of commitment, therefore we should know that there is no place in children’s lives for neglect, sexual, physical or verbal abuse. It doesn’t matter if we are parents or not- we are their royal subjects and we ought to protect our children because:

They need our strength

Anyone who likes to demonstrate how powerful and strong they are should know that kicking a man when he’s down will only proves that he or she is a weakling. Children are not as strong as adults. Children are not physically or emotional mature to handle sex and should be allowed to enjoy their innocence. Their bodies are off limit. Their skins bruise easily and it is harder for them to fight back so do not resort to using instruments that will leave them battered and bruised. Kicking a man when he can’t defend himself is one thing but an adult who abuses a child has busted through the bottom of the barrel.


Priceless! Photo courtesy of thinkvirtues.com

They rely on us for guidance

Children’s minds are like blank slates, therefore it is up to us to instill values that will mould them into decent, upstanding leaders. They should be shielded away from elements of immorality such as non- G rated programmes and music as well as other activities that are not age appropriate. Protect them from actions that promote deceptiveness, sexual immorality, greed and disrespect. Our princes and princesses live what they learn so boost their self-esteem by telling them how beautiful and smart they are. Tactfully correct them when they err and remind them of how special they are every day.

They are the future

The men and women of tomorrow will be the ones to care for us when we are old. The strong values that we would have instilled will be passed on to other generations long after we are gone. They didn’t ask to be here- it is through our actions that they are with us. We must ensure that we nurture them and provide them with all that they need to enjoy life.

They are gifts from God

Have you ever noticed that the Bible seems to only refer to children in a positive light? Psalm 127 verse 3 says, Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. If you should google, children Bible verses, you will find lots of verses that that prove that children are extremely special to God. The good book also gives tells us that we are responsible for children’s well being. Many parents often say that their little ones give them a sense of purpose. That is spiritual!

Their Majesties ought to be cherished and deserve all the love and respect that we can give. Even those who aren’t parents need to remember that it takes a village to raise a child. Affirm them whenever you interact with them. Speak sternly to those who linger on the roads after dark. If you know or suspect that a child is being abused then report it to the relevant authorities.

Long live the princes and princesses!



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